Welcome to Voice on Canvas

I’m Artist Andréa

I’m a storyteller, a poet, and an artist. I love to create and teach using love and humor, bringing people to those inner mysterious parts of ourselves that can be difficult to reach. I use the process of Intentional Creativity® to guide women in diving deeply within to uncover the most authentic, wild truth at the core of their being.

At times, we can find ourselves skimming the surface of our lives, trodding along through the everyday muck and mud, with a longing for something deeper and more meaningful. It’s not about this approach to life being wrong; yet, there may be a desire for inner exploration.

What if we explored and found our unique voice? What if we lived our truth, out loud?

Maybe we want to change things up – in a big way – to create something totally different. Maybe we want to show up differently in our relationships. Maybe we want to discover our innermost truth, that’s been long buried under truths we’ve taken on that don’t actually belong to us.

It’s time. Time to peel the layers back and discover who we truly are.

What’s buried underneath all those layers? Something glorious. Join me to discover your dazzling self.


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