Artist Statement

The Origins of Voice on Canvas

Inside my chest beats an artist’s heart.

I ignored the not-so-subtle call to create for many years, pursuing things I considered more practical. Life’s busy, I reasoned. Who has time to create, after all? Not me.

Not surprisingly, I wasn’t happy with that choice.

I’ve come full circle. Beginning with my childhood days of writing and illustrating my short stories, a joy I ended up setting aside, evolving into years of ignoring the inner scream to create something. Anything.

And then, finally embracing who I truly am.

An artist.

A storyteller.

A poet.

I see writing, painting and creating as a means to find my way in an ever complex world. Creating is how I deal with the things I see in the world that disturb me – misogyny is at the top of that list. I create to put on the canvas what is in my heart – the pain, the love, the grit, even the dirty little secrets that want to burst out. I paint and write to connect with the world just beyond the physical – this is where my soul meets the canvas. 

All of us need and are entitled to self-expression of our being – without societal constraints or missives holding us back. Whether our creations be ugly, pretty, provocative, serene, or something else – honoring human expression is the catalyst that facilitates change in the world. My personal focus is developing themes revealing the feminine, and empowering women and girls in the world. Painting is how I dive deeply within to get in touch with that long buried part of myself, longing to be heard. That inner truth, our voice. Our own voice, and our collective voice.

That voice becomes my Voice on Canvas.

My painting process includes studying technique, journaling, meditating, and amazing ideas popping in my head while showering that must be placed on the canvas immediately. I’ve been known to run naked and dripping wet, straight from the shower to the canvas.

People have described my creations as beautiful, flowing, generous and healing. I describe my art as cathartic. Intuitive. Contemplative – yet edgy – and not always pretty. I mix elements of realism with Jungian active imagination, and paint what I see from the world beyond the veil. 

I love using bright, bold acrylics on large canvases, and combining bold brushwork with fine detail, adding layer upon layer of painting, thereby creating deep, soulful imaging.

Along with painting, I pour my emotions into poems and stories. And playing in video media excites me.

I bring mindfulness to the canvas In the style of Shiloh Sophia McCloud’s method of Intentional Creativity®, through the lineage of Lenore Thomas Strauss and Sue Hoya Sellars. I’m especially influenced by Sellars’ artistic dance with the cosmos.

I’ve finally claimed my inner artist, and she’s come out to play. Forever.